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Not about Ebert 03-23-06 00:54

#5 E-bert 01-23-06 13:37
One Bert to rule them all. This was the first Bert to be discovered and it is believed that all other Berts are somehow connected to this Bert.
#4 Waitbert 12-06-05 00:38
Waitbert - "Even Waitbert has limits to his patience" This bert must absolutely not be confused with the more common waiterbert results could be tragic.
#3 Presentbert 12-06-05 00:38
Presentbert - "All I gotta say is that if it takes sending you a package through a carrier that supports a dictatorship government to get you your christmas present. It was all worth it because that's what true friends do"

-Presentbert Dec 1st 2005 on the topic of DHL shipping company
#2 Geniusbert 12-06-05 00:38
Geniusbert -

Max:fuckin aye dude
you can't add stuff to supersaver orders after the fact

Geniusbert: yeah you can cancel the order and recreate it tho

#1 Taxbert 12-06-05 00:38

Taxbert - "The Taxbert is to be avoided at all costs. It is a most terrible thing. IF you should encounter a Taxbert pretend to be dead.
This is a daily listing of the various forms of Ebert and Bert in tribute to goat herders (The real heros).